Meet Our Team

“I have tediously and meticulously picked my team, and I am so fortunate to work with these ladies every day. I have every confidence you will find my team as committed to your care as I am.”
-Sarah Boostrom, MD

This is what our patients say about our team members.

Kristeen, P.A. : “I completely trust Kristeen with my care. She is very personable and I would totally recommend her.”
Luisa, CNA: “There is no sweeter soul on the planet. Luisa always has the warmest, kindest smile and sincerely cares for everyone she meets as if they are her family. I want to adopt her!”

Nicole, RN: “Nicole brings in the light. She has a great sense of humor, gets things done, and makes patients feel comfortable. She is absolutely in the right place.”

Shelley, Practice Manager: “It’s obvious that Shelley keeps all of the plates spinning in the air. She is also one of those angels who walk the earth with great listening and compassion.”